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MeSH Ontology in OWL format

Author: Hai-Tao Zheng (
This version MeSH ontology  is generated based on the MeSH tree 2008. I developed a program to generate
this MeSH ontology in OWL format. Although SKOS converted
MeSH into rdf format, but it is not a hierarchical ontology and it is simply a list of all the MeSH terms.
For easily using MeSH in organized structure, I made a program to convert MeSH tree into MeSHOnto.owl.
There are totally 48442 terms in this ontology and I believe it can be a good controlled vocabulary to use as our research in medical domain.

I also made a little preprocessing for the MeSH ontology.
1. All the concepts in MeSH are represented in lowercase.
2. All the concepts in MeSH are stemmed, i.e., the plural words are converted in singular word.
3. The multiple-word concepts are converted into natural sequence, e.g., Forefoot, Human => human forefoot.

The ongoing work is to build more semantic relationship based on the original MeSH file to empower this ontology.
you can download the result :
Any question is welcome.