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1. Research Purpose

Development of a controlled natural language and ontology based system for the structured data entry of medical narratives. Ontopath, a controlled natural language for medical narratives, is formalized in a syntactic level and an editor for Ontopath is developed in the Java-2 platform. The editor is designed to guide narrative data entry based on a given ontology. It translates the entered data into RDF which is a semantic web standard markup language.

2. Tool Description

  • Ontopath operates as an independent component under various user interface framework and also in the Internet environment.
  • Its three main functions are
    1. suggesting appropriate terms according to a given context for the efficient entry of medical narratives.
    2. run-time syntactic and semantic error checking with suggestion of possible corrections.
    3. providing a visual feedback to verify if a user expressed his or her intended meaning in the text.

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