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Weekly Seminar


Date Subject Speaker
2016-06-23 A Rule-based Query Relaxation for Approximate Query Answering in RDF databases Sungkwon Yang
2016-06-16 Archiving “Museum Records” : Especially Digital Archive Platform with Metadata and Data Model Minji Kim
2016-05-19 Gene expression Data analysis platform Jin-Muk Lim
2016-04-28 Optimization Techniques for Prime Number Labeling of Directed Acyclic Graphs Jinhyun Ahn
2016-04-14 TCGA Assembler Renewal Pil-Jong Kim
2016-03-31 Investigation of the effect of cell-of-origin chromatin organization in shaping cancer mutation landscape: results of the experiment Kyungsik Ha
2016-01-28 Concept of FAVRIC: Favorite Repository & Interest Compass Jinuk Jung
2016-01-21 Modeling for the archives and the use of Historical museum exhibitions information Minji Kim
2016-01-15 CPF1 off-target site finder Jun-ho Park


Date Subject Speaker
2015-12-18 A pathway-based approach for identifying anti-cancer drug side effects Jin Muk Lim
2015-12-11 A Repetitive Prime Number Labelling Algorithm on MapReduce Jinhyun Ahn
2015-12-4 Integrating GEO Data Pil Jong Kim
2015-11-20 Investigation of the effect of cell-of-origin chromatin organization in shaping cancer mutation landscape: current progress Kyungsik Ha
2015-11-6 Korean Word Sense Disambiguation using Semantic Categorization Yong-Sun Shim
2015-10-30 Teaching Machine in Era of Data Explosion: Deep Learning and Representative Learning Munhwan Lee
2015-10-23 A Model for Explaining Ontology Properties based on PropBank Sungkwon Yang
2015-10-02 Ontology Alignment: Instance-based methods Hyunwhan Joe
2015-07-31 Research domain & plan Yong-Sun Shim
2015-07-24 Conceptual Data Modeling of Cultural Heritage Minji Kim
2015-07-17 Cell War Jun-ho Park
2015-07-03 Bio data integration Jin Muk Lim
2015-06-26 Hadoop Ecosystem Jinuk Jung
2015-06-19 To Integrate GEO data Pil-Jong Kim
2015-06-12 Methods for Mining Extended Association Rules and its Application to Biomedical Data Eung-Hee Kim
2015-05-29 Distinct relationship between chromatin organization and mutation status : why do we care for important ones? Kyungsik Ha
2015-05-22 Ontology Alignment Hyunwhan Joe
2015-05-15 Efficiently Answering Reachability Queries on Repetitive Prime Labeling for XML Data Jinhyun Ahn
2015-05-08 Ontology-driven translation research on Leishmaniasis Mina Lee
2015-05-01 Instance-based Hierarchical Schema Alignment in Linked Data Nansu Zong


Date Subject Speaker
2014-12-05 Interaction Networks of Prion, Prionogenic and Prion-Like Proteins in budding Yeast, and Their Role in Gene Regulation Junho Park
2014-11-21 Recovering Evolutionary History Kyungsik Ha
2014-11-14 RDF Diff and JIST 2014 Jinhyun Ahn
2014-11-07 Gene Expression Analysis Service with Phenotype Grouping Pil Jong Kim
2014-10-31 Altered expression of fucosylation pathway genes in non-small cell lung cancer Jinmuk Lim
2014-10-24 SMART-Amy Eunghee Kim
2014-10-17 Car Accident Article Text Classifier Hyunwhan Joe
2014-10-10 A Study on Big Data Visualization Mina Lee
2014-09-26 Large-scale Data Reduction and Performance Improvement on Distributed Triple Store Jinuk Jung


Date Subject Speaker
2012-05-21 Exploring Link of Knowledge on Wikipedia Jinuk Jung
2012-05-14 Pathway Analysis from Gene Network Kyungsik Ha
2012-04-30 A Metacognition-Aware Exploratory Search Management System Kang-Pyo Lee
2012-04-23 TRP Channel Regulated by microRNA Hyeon Sung Cho
2012-04-09 Personalized Link Ranking Nansu Zong
2012-04-02 Basics of Hidden Markov Model Eunghee Kim
2012-03-26 Microarray Data Analysis - The novel role of TRPC6 in vascular fibrosis Jinmuk Lim
2012-03-19 The medical narrative CNL editor based on rdfs-plus Kyungmin Lee


Date Subject Speaker
2011-06-24 Finding influential users in Twitter network Young-sam Kim
2011-06-17 Sindice Dataspace Infrastructure Renaud Delbru
2011-06-10 Regression with Machine Learning Perspective Hyeon-Sung Cho
2011-06-03 Health 2.0 / Medicine 2.0: How the Social Web Change Health and Medicine James. G. Kim
2011-05-27 A Social Cognitive Framework of Gamification for Online Health Care Hyoung-Jae Park
2011-03-25 TRP Ontology Extension Jin Muk Lim
2011-03-18 FCA based Classification Eung Hee Kim
2011-03-04 Filtering User Interest Using SNS Data Jinuk Jung
2011-02-25 Medical Ontology-based annotation by using semantic features from a medical ontology Kyung-min Lee
2011-02-18 Building Drug Food Recommendation Ontology using Ontology Mapping and Sub-ontology Extraction Nansu Zong
2011-02-11 Using Folksonomies for Builiding User Preference List Kumar Harshit


Date Subject Speaker
2010-12-27 Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research Hyung-gu Jung
2010-12-20 Designing Game Dynamics on Health Care Hyoung-Jae Park
2010-12-06 SVM Prediction of Medication Adherence for HF Soo Kyoung Lee
2010-11-29 Personal Profile Construction from Social Web Sites Hyun Namgoong
2010-11-15 Oriental Medicine Ontology Verification Sungin Lee
2010-11-08 Relationship Based Query Expansion Sungkwon Yang
2010-11-01 Daum’s Meaning Search with cloud-based semantic web data processing Seok chan Yun
2010-10-25 A granular computing approach to machine learning Eung-Hee Kim
2010-10-18 An architecture for privacy-enabled user profile portability on the web of data James G. Kim
2010-10-11 TRP Channel DB Analysis Jinmuk Lim
2010-10-04 Topic Extraction using DBpedia data Sangwon Yang
2010-09-13 Survey on Biomedical Text Mining Se-Jin Nam
2010-09-06 A Survey on Tag-Based Web Search Kangpyo Lee
2010-07-05 Intellectual Property(Patent) Seung Jae Song
2010-06-28 Tailored HealthyTransition System Soo Kyoung Lee
2010-06-21 HTML5 Seok chan Yun
2010-06-14 An Architecture for Publishing Linked Data from Structured Data Sung kwon Yang
2010-06-07 SPARQL Processing with Map-Reduce Framework Hyun Namgoong
2010-05-31 The Use of Ontology in Dental Restorative Treatment Decision Support System Sungin Lee
2010-05-24 Knowledge Enrichment based on FCA Eung-Hee Kim
2010-05-17 Architecture and Methodologies for Adaptive Personalisation on the Web of Data Benjamin Heitmann
2010-05-03 Gene, protein, Pathway information Search System by using Linked Open Data Jinmuk Lim
2010-04-26 Streams and Filtering Sangwon Yang
2010-04-19 Webook Mina Song
2010-04-12 Consumer Health Vocabulary Soo Kyoung Lee
2010-04-05 Introduction of DreamList and Application to Medical Domain Hyoung-Jae Park
2010-03-29 Development of Social Semantic Knowledge Service Platform (Project Result Report) Se-Jin Nam
2010-03-22 Method of Semantical Mapping for Interoperable Medical Terminology Seung Jae Song
2010-03-08 An Ontology based Bug Analysis in Software Development Process Seokchan Yun
2010-02-08 e-Health Service James G. Kim
2010-02-01 Semantic Data Service helped by Map-Reduce (Cloud Computing) Hyun Namgoong
2010-01-25 A Framework for Capturing Collective Intelligence from Social Tagging Using Dynamic Tag Ontologies Kangpyo Lee
2010-01-18 Ontology-Based Automatic Semantic Service Pipeliner Sungin Lee
2010-01-11 Eventography for Biomedical Informatics Senator Jeong
2010-01-04 개방형 데이터 연결 기술 기반의 의학 서지 탐색 시스템 구현 Sung kwon Yang


Date Subject Speaker
2009-08-28 Spectrum of Ontologies Stefano Borgo
2009-08-03 Personalized Web Search Results Harshit Kumar
2009-05-11 Medical Data Dictionary Mijeong Kim
2009-05-08 Social Semantic Web and Social Interaction Ontology Seok chan Yun
2009-04-27 Supplementing Human Belief Information into Web of Data Hyun Namgoong
2009-04-13 A Proposed Movie Recommendation Method Using Emotional Mina Song
2009-03-02 Ontology Development for Medical Procedure Soo Kyoung Lee
2009-02-16 Consolidation User-Defined Concepts with StYLiD Mina Song
2009-01-19 MARU-Generalized Linked Data Browser Hyun Namgoong