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The main objectives of the Biomedical Knowledge Engineering Laboratory at Seoul National University (SNU BiKE) are to develop tools and methodologies for representing, acquiring, processing, and managing knowledge and data for healthcare services and biomedical research. The SNU BiKE lab collaborates with other renowned labs to build biomedical ontologies of interest to research communities. Our lab devotes its primary research efforts in building real world applications by using ontology and Semantic Web technologies in the e-Health domain. SNU BiKE Lab is one of the leading Korean research facilties in semantic technologies as well as in medical informatics.


Research Areas

  • Semantic Web in medical informatics
    • Electronic Health Record
    • Digital Hospital
    • Medical Terminology & Ontologies
    • Medical Information Extraction & Annotation
    • Structurized Clinical Data Entry
    • Medical Inference
  • Ontology Engineering
    • Ontology based Data Modeling
    • Ontology based Dynamic Interface
    • Intelligent Annotation Environment
    • Ontology Management Environment
  • Semantic Knowledge Space
    • Open Research Platform
    • Semantic DeskTop
    • Semantic Data Repository
    • Social Semantic Digital Library
    • Semantic Data Visualization



Post Doctoral/Research Professor, PhD Student, Master Student



서울특별시 관악구 관악로 1 서울대학교 치의학대학원 86동 410호 의생명지식공학 연구실

Telephone: 02-880-2344
Fax: 02-743-8706